Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit


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I really enjoyed coming up with this week’s list! The topic this week is Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit, whether fictional or real. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some of these places already, and I took a lot of inspiration from books when I was planning where I specifically wanted to go. I hope my picks inspire you as well, and I look forward to reading everyone’s lists!

Real Places

1. Greece
Ever since studying Greek mythology in high school (and a couple courses in college), I’ve been fascinated by both real and fictional accounts of Greece. One novel that comes to mind in particular is Helen of Troy by Margaret George, which is a beautifully written novel that brings Helen of Troy’s legend to life. Check it out on Goodreads!

2. Venice, Italy
Italy has been at the top of my travel list for a really long time, and my fiancé are planning to go for our honeymoon next summer. I feel like Venice is just one of the cities that you have to visit at least once, and it is the setting of The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips. The Rossetti Letter is the first in the Claire Donovan series (I believe there are only two so far), and it is historical fiction with a touch of mystery.

3. St. Petersurg, Russia
I never considered visiting Russia until I read The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley. St. Petersburg truly is its own character in Kearsley’s novel, and she paints it so well that you can really imagine what it looks and feels like. I’ve mentioned The Firebird a couple times on my blog, which speaks to how much I liked it; you can read my review here.

4. Scotland
I mentioned how much I love the Outlander Series in last week’s Top Ten Tuesday, which is (at the beginning of the series) set in Scotland. I was fortunate enough to visit the UK a few years ago, and visiting Scotland was a must for me, largely thanks to these books. We weren’t able to make it up to the Scottish Highlands during our trip, but we did stay in Edinburgh for a few days, and ventured as north as Atholl to go white water rafting (we were told that Atholl was somewhat of a gateway to the Highlands). Outlander starts out in Inverness, which I’d like to visit when I go back one day.

5. Tower of London, England
I’ve read a lot of historical fiction set in England (so I won’t try to pin down just book), and the Tower of London is a frequent setting in the genre. Known for its famous prisoners and high profile beheadings, the Tower of London is a must-see if you ever get the chance to visit (even if it is a bit morbid). Visiting the Tower of London was probably my favorite part of our trip to England. I would highly recommend tagging along on one of the tours given by the Beefeaters at the Tower (they really know their stuff).

6. Hampton Court Palace, England
Hampton Court Palace was another destination in England that I insisted we visit. Home to Henry VIII and illustrated in Philippa Gregory’s Tudor Court Series, Hampton Court Palace is just a short train ride away from Central London and makes a perfect day trip.

7. Stratford-upon-Avon, England
So, this isn’t inspired by a particular book, but by a particular author; as you probably all know, Stratford-upon-Avon was home to William Shakespeare. We were not able to make it over during our trip to the UK, so this is another place I’d really like to visit if I get the chance to go back.

Fictional Places

8. Pemberley
Pemberley is the fictional estate of Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and PrejudiceAlthough Pemberley is not a real place (if only!), some believe Austen based it on the Chatsworth House, which is located in Derbyshire, England.


9. Narnia
Who wouldn’t want to visit Narnia?! I mean, if you can talk to animals there, count me in (from C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia).

10. Westeros
Okay…so I don’t think Westeros from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series would actually be a pleasant place to visit. But, if I could ride a dragon over Westeros and see the sights from a safe distance, I would.


4 thoughts on “Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

    • Thanks, Cait! I just checked out your list and it looks like we have pretty similar tastes! I tried to leave a comment on your post, but couldn’t seem to get the CAPTCHA to work; just thought I’d let you know here in case you want to make sure it’s working. 🙂

  1. I want to visit pretty much every place on your list! I just generally put London on mine, though I nearly did make a separate entry for the Tower of London. I can’t believe I forgot Venice — I’ve read several books set there!

    • I really felt like the Tower of London needed its own entry because it’s just that cool! Also, you really do need a whole day (at least a half) to really experience Hampton Court Palace, so I separated them. I actually can only think of that one series I’ve read that is set in Venice – so I should definitely read more to prepare for my trip!

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