Gone Girl | By Gillian Flynn

19288043Book: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Broadway Books
Publication Date: 
April 22, 2014
Rating: ★★

Synopsis: Amy Elliot Dunne disappears from the home she shares with her husband, Nick, on a July morning in North Carthage, Missouri. It is their fifth wedding anniversary, and Nick returns home to find the house in disarray, signs of a struggle apparent. The cops and the media find Nick to be detached and unemotional, his behavior unlike that of a man whose wife is missing and possibly dead. As troubling and implicating details about Nick, Amy, and their marriage emerge, Nick becomes the prime suspect – but is he a killer?

Thoughts: I’m one of those readers who – for inexplicable reasons – tends to avoid books that are incredibly hyped in the media; Gone Girl is one of those books. However, after relentless encouragement from my sister, I decided to end my subconscious boycott and give it a shot (thanks, sis!). I finished it just in time for the movie to come out tomorrow, which I want to see even more after reading it. I don’t typically read a lot of thrillers or mysteries, but I really enjoyed this book. So. Many. Plot twists. I mean, that one part about halfway through:


Gone Girl is fast-paced, complex, and twisty, which keeps the tension and suspense high. Also, this book made me quite the fickle reader – so many different feelings! I really liked how it takes on social, moral, and cultural topics, particularly in regards to relationships, marriage, and the media. I was very intrigued, yet also very disturbed, by the psychological aspect of this book, which I can’t really discuss without giving something away. The way the book is formatted really contributes to the “puzzle,” in that it jumps around time-wise and between different perspectives; this seems harder to do in films, so I’m curious as to how that translates in the movie. I’ve heard rumors that the ending in the film is different than the book, so I’m interested to see what they do with it (it doesn’t seem possible to have any other outcome without fundamentally changing one of the characters).

Bottom line: Gone Girl will mess with your mind – but in a good way. So, if you’re one of the few (like me) who has put it off, read it!


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